Op 15 november komt Fall Out Boy met een nieuw album! Nou ja, nieuw : het wordt de verzamelaar, ‘Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die – Volume Two’, maar wel met een nieuw nummer, die vandaag verschijnt. “Dear Future Self (Hands Up)” is een samenwerking met Wyclef Jean.

Pete Wentz overde nieuwe single ‘Dear Future Self’: “I think we’ve always been big fans of Fugees and Wyclef. He’s got an incredible sense of melody that’s kind of out there. It’s like you can tell it’s a mix from all over kind of the globe, which is cool and super inspired by seeing my kids that they just listen to song to song to song to song and it’s going from Queen to Little Uzi to you know it’s – So we, yeah, this is all we got. We got this and we’re putting it on like a… I think we’ll like wrap it into a… we did it like a greatest hits. It’s weird to say that, but just like more like a greatest hits. Whatever. You know what I mean? It’s so weird to say it, though. It’s a little bit more like a sampler plate. So that’s what we’ll wrap it into. Like kind of like a little like a sampler plate. Like you could go and you can be like, ‘I’m a casual fan. What are the most popular dishes?’”



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