De internationale streaming- en download charts staan op scherp, want:  BTS lanceert een nieuwe single!  `s Werelds populairste K-groep dropt de track  ‘Life goes on’.  Het nummer wordt muzikaal omschreven in een persbericht als “alternative hip-hop,” maar dan wel met gitaar sound. De clip is geproduceerd door Jungkook, het jongste lid van BTS. “I’m still too embarrassed to be called as ‘Director-nim.’ I came to take charge of the music video because I like taking videos. I took the role, so I did my best.”  aldus Jungkook.  “The emotion I wanted to express is the sadness and the longing that was felt because the tour was canceled due to COVID-19 and because we couldn’t see ARMY much.  It’s amazing that the video I took and worked hard on is released as a music video.” 

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