Bruno Major heeft zijn nieuwe single ‘The Most Beautiful Thing’ gedeeld.  De track is afkomstig van zijn aankomende album ‘To Let A Good Thing Die’ dat 5 juni verschijnt. Het nummer is geschreven in samenwerking met Finneas O’Connol, de broer van Billie Eilish en tevens een groot fan van Bruno.  Hoe de nieuwe single tot stand kwam, legt Bruno Major het uitvoerig  aan je uit: “I wrote “The Most Beautiful Thing” with FINNEAS in his living room in LA. We sat and talked for a few hours about everything and nothing ~ writing the song took considerably less time than our conversation. The song’s big idea is one that has always fascinated me. The concept of a ‘soul mate’ has always seemed far fetched, when that person could easily be born on the other side of the world or in a different time, and the chances of meeting them so slim. Is true love really circumstance and compatibility? “The Most Beautiful Thing” is a love letter to the soul mate I’ve never met.”

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