Vandaag brengt Bring Me The Horizon nieuwe muziek uit: ‘Die4uU’. De track is het eerste voorproefje van de EP ‘Post Human 2’. De EP is het vervolg van ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’. (2020) Frontman Oliver Sykes schreef de track samen met Jordan Fish. “‘Die4u’ is a song about toxic obsessions, vices and things you can’t kick. I think a lot of people went through very similar struggles while in lockdown, coming face to face with yourself and seeing who you really are and what’s important,” aldus Sykes.

“The song is a triumphant and emotional one for me because it was a time of realization to kick the things that were no good, and to take the choice in bettering myself. It also connects to a deeper theme about us as a society, and how we need to look at the way we treat ourselves, each other as well as the world.”

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