Bastille brengt vandaag de video uit van ‘Joy’. Met deze voormalige 3FM Megahit bivakkeren de Britten intussen in de top 3 van de Top 40 van Hitzound. ‘Joy’ (mét gospelkoor!) is de allereerste voorbode van hun aankomende derde album ‘Doom Days’ dat op 14 juni uitkomt.

Frontman Dan legt aan NME uit: “Joy is the moment at the end, almost that moment of redemption when you wake up on the kitchen floor and all of the anxieties come flooding in. Something as simple as a call or a message from somebody can bring you back at that moment and rip the piss out of you, make you feel ridiculous for the state you were in. It’s also a relatively happy song, the first in all the albums which is vaguely positive!”



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