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Credits: Universal Music

‘Hope for the future’ van Bastille wordt dit najaar de themasong van de Orlando Von Einsiedel’s klimaat docu-film From Devil’s Breath, dat vanaf 13 november te zien is. Het nummer is te vinden op hun dubbelalbum ‘Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past’. Von Einsiedel is ook de regisseur van de clip, die deels gefilmd is in het huis van Bastille frontman Dan Smith.  “It’s a heart-breaking story that’s beautifully told, so when they asked me to write a song for the end credits, it seemed important to make something that felt intimate, but also struck a balance between the more poignant elements of these people’s stories and the hope that the film ultimately gestures towards,” aldus Dan Smith.

Hij vervolgt: “When we discussed making a video for ‘Hope For The Future,’ we all felt that it should be something simple that wouldn’t get in the way of the film and its story. I didn’t think we’d be lucky enough to make it with Orlando, [producer] Chloe Leland, and the team who made the film itself, which has been such a privilege.”

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