ALMA heeft de video uitgebracht van haar laatste single ‘Lonely Night’. De Finse zangeres met haar kenmerkende gele lokken brak door met haar single ‘Karma’, maar: dat is intussen drie jaar geleden en een debuutalbum is nog altijd niet in zicht. ALMA zegt in een statement over haar nieuwe single:

“I fell in love with a girl who was playing with me for a while but end of the day didn’t love me back! Girls kissing girls for fun is such a normal thing we see that in clubs and in movies its sexy and we like to watch it. But I personally never want to be just someone’s experience or fun thing to try out! Experimenting with your sexuality is all well and good but for those of us who know what we are and what we want, it can cause hurt and upset. If you want to kiss me you should be able also date me someday!”



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