De Australische boyband 5 Seconds Of Summer dropt de visuals voor hun nieuwe single “Lie To Me”. Calum, Ashton, Michael en Luke werken voor deze opvolger van “Youngblood” samen met Julia Michaels. Beide nummers zijn afkomstig van hun album “Youngblood”. Calum over de nieuwe catchy tune:

Calum: “Lie to Me” is a special song to me because of, one, the writing process, and two, the recording process. “Lie to Me” was actually written the day after we wrote “Youngblood.” And I remember Ashton and Andrew were sitting on the couch and they had the, “lie, lie, lie, lie” and we’re all like, “Alright, let’s come back in tomorrow and we’ll finish the idea.” And that’s how we got “Lie to Me.”



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